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Maisky is one of the most popular Russian tea brands, a market leader for over 20 years. It's a high-quality tea hand-picked on the best plantations in India, Sri Lanka, China, and Kenya. Traditional flavor and consistent quality are the unique qualities of Maisky tea.

According to Russian consumer surveys, Maisky is the most well-known Russian tea brand. In 2011, Maisky was recognized as a well-known trademark in Russia and Ukraine. Over the past 20 years, Maisky tea has become such a deep part of Russian society and culture that it led to an interesting phenomenon in the Russian language. Research shows that in Russians' minds the word "Maisky" is inseparable from the word "tea."

Maisky's tea collection includes both classic and special flavors. Whole-leaf Maisky tea in new pyramid bags created a real sensation in the market. This is the first product in the mid-range price segment that gives Russian consumers a chance to enjoy natural whole-leaf tea in convenient packaging.

Maisky is the tea for modern people who are open, hospitable and sincere, for those who like chatting with relatives and friends. Russian consumers are proud of Maisky tea. They enjoy its consistent taste and quality.

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CURTIS is a modern English tea with unique, striking flavors picked on the best plantations around the world. It's the perfect gift for true connoisseurs of premium quality leaf tea.

The CURTIS collection uses only the best ingredients, many of which are not always found in other manufacturers' tea blends, such as flower petals, pieces of natural fruit, nuts and cocoa beans. Each CURTIS blend is a harmonious combination, mesmerizing with its exquisite flavor and fine aroma.

The key values of CURTIS are vibrant flavors and emotions that bring pleasure, joy and satisfaction. CURTIS consumers are people who appreciate an intensity of feelings, as well as joy from life.

CURTIS is represented in the largest premium market segment - one of the most promising and fastest developing categories in kind and in value.

The introduction of CURTIS leaf tea in new pyramid bags made of fine, high-quality nylon was a notable event in the tea market. These bags ensure easy and quick brewing of whole leaf CURTIS tea under any condition.

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English tea, following the recipes of the Royal Household, represents new classical flavors with unprecedented exquisite fancy shades.

Basic portfolio consists of 7 flavors, presented in the different packages: popular package of 25 tea bags and value-for-money 100-tea bags pack, as well as excellent loose-leaf tea.

Five O’clock is unusually refreshing tea with light mint as a compliment. Intended to give not just joyment, but also vivifying energy.

Elegant Ginger is an excellent blending of the sweet-scented Indian tea, elegant orange scents, spiciness of ginger and vanilla flavor.

Queen’s Breakfast is splendid, deep, zippy tea with pleasant rich flavor and nice floral hints. Tea blending of High-mountain Ceylon, Rich Kenya and Indian Assam from the Himalayan Foothills.  

Prince of India is an excellent blending of Indian Assam black tea and Chinese Yunnan black tea, which attracts by sparkling cinnamon and cardamom scents, gorgeous brandy flavor and memorable oriental tonality.  

King’s Tea №1 is a blending of Kenyan and Tanzanian black teas with a flavor of Kaffir lime, combining peppermint, mint and citrus rind.  

Lord Grey is anenfant cheri” at the social events, attracting by the unprecedented flavor of “Golden” Ceylon tea with charming bergamot scents and light citrus rind.

Royal Ceylon is a classic blend of English loose-leaf black tea.

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Lisma is a popular collection of high-quality varieties of authentic Indian tea created specially for true connoisseurs of strong tea. Due to its good value for the money, Lisma tea is loved by millions of Russians and has become a truly national brand.

Lisma offers a wide selection of tea: Indian black tea, green tea, fruit and berry flavored tea. It's available in bags and packets and in a convenient economy pack. The legendary strength of Lisma tea is achieved through the unique blending of strong varieties of tea leaves picked on Indian plantations.

The peculiar feature of the Lisma collection is that it is formed by increasing brew strength: from classic rich black tea of medium strength to strong tea with a tart flavor and deep aroma. Each tea variety has its own color and strength. So, it's very easy for Lisma consumers to find their favorite flavor among the assortment on store shelves.

Lisma was launched in 1998 and quickly established itself in the economy-class segment. Lisma's trademark has often received prizes or been named the winner in many Russian and international competitions. Today Lisma is one of the leading brands in its category.

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Coffesso is a collection of organic grind coffee, produced according to old Italian recipes from the variety of coffee beans, cultivated on the best world plantations. Italy is the best place in the world to make coffee, the mystery of this country is connected to the progress encouraging boundless love to this beverage. With Coffesso you can try the taste of Italy at home.

Even hypercritic can discover as his favourite flavor among the coffee varieties of Coffesso, so the preferable way of coffee preparation: classic and delicate, rich and strong, balanced with milk or cream, for coffee machine or turkish coffee brewing pot, as well as Coffesso in sachets, which let you make  organic coffee anywhere. Coffesso can be really different, but always of the highest Italian quality.

Coffesso is represented in two package types:

Classical Vacuum packaging (250 g), which retains all the advantages of freshly roasted and milled coffee beans.

And innovative solution of coffee preparation – Coffesso in sashets - the most convenient and fastest way to prepare organic coffee just in a cup.

- This innovation provides many advantages.

You no longer need to use a coffee machine or turkish coffee brewing pot: you need just a cup.

- It leaves no coffee grounds.

- This type of packaging guarantees freshness and optimum coffee amount.

Coffesso variety consists of:
Crema Delicato
Classico Italiano
Espresso Superiore

Coffesso variety differs in the level of roasting and in the percentage of the best coffee beans blending.

Whatever the coffee variety, precise and balanced roast brings unforgettable flavor and harmonic taste.