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Curtis invites TV viewers to Wonderland

New promotional campaign “Curtis tea. Flavour, that excites imagination” started on the main Russian TV channels on April 11th .  

New advert is as extraordinarily beautiful, mysterious and exciting  as the blends of flavoursome tea.

The plot and its visualization is the result of the work  of the professionals from BBDO Group, the promotional video was directed by the Italian filmmaker Gorgio Nerri.

They  created exciting prelude to the Lewis Carroll’s  fairy-tale “Alice in Wonderland”.

Charming heroine through the Looking Glass invites millions of the TV viewers to drink tea in Wonderland.

After watching this video no one will question to which fantasy tea March Hare treated his guests.

During validation the fantasy video was highly appreciated and left the competitors behind.

Please enjoy the magic world of Wonderland, visiting MAY company on Youtube right now.