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CURTIS is a winner of the "No. 1 Brand in Russia 2013" award

Moscow, October 26, 2013 — CURTIS brand has won the public confidence award "No. 1 Brand in Russia 2013" by receiving the most votes in the tea category. The contest was held September 29 to October 6, 2013 on a national scale.

"No. 1 Brand in Russia" is the most important rating among leading brands on the Russian consumer goods market. Winners are awarded based on customers' opinions on the brand nationwide. Participating brands must be distributed throughout all of Russia and be used by the majority of the country's population.

During the contest survey participants named the best brand in their opinion. Questionnaires were published in federal publications as well as openly on the Internet. A rating of the best brands in 20 product categories was established based on the results of nationwide voting.

The CURTIS brand won in the "Tea" category and achieved a public confidence rating on a par with the global consumer brands like Lay’s, HP, Bosch, MacCoffee, Hohland, and many others. This is already the second great victory by CURTIS this year. In May, CURTIS received a silver medal of the international award for creating and promoting brands — "Brand of the Year/Effie".

"Victory at the "No. 1 Brand in Russia 2013" contest shows that CURTIS not only enjoys nationwide popularity but it has won the trust of its consumers. Now we proudly declare that CURTIS is a successful brand on the national scale! And that means we are moving in the right direction in our development!" said Marina Sarancha, CURTIS brand manager, about the remarkable victory.