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From 4th to 6th July MAY employees held an idea generation session in Singapore.

Since the innovation contest started in the spring of 2015 many employees of MAY company went in for it and generated the dozens of new products ideas, some of which were not just implemented, but also brought the real profits to the company. The winners of the contest were awarded a trip to Singapore, where they spent two fruitful days at the Idea Generation Session. As a result of the trip May-Foods is going to launch a set of new products.


At first day of the trip the employees passed through the dozens of the shops, took photos and adopted the ideas of hundreds of the interesting products. At second day they discussed the ideas at the meeting, considered all pros and cons of their implementation on the Russian market.

Many ideas were accepted, and the point is that May-Foods possesses all necessary resources to bring these new ideas to life.

“We still have to do our best to implement the most challenging ideas, but the most important is that we strike a sparkle of proactive thinking and corporate entrepreneurship! Carry on searching, offering the ideas and inspiring your colleagues to participate in the process of idea generation”, - declared Sergey Konev, CEO of May-Foods.

MAY stays strong in the pursuit of the innovations. Each project, based on the idea of MAY team’s member, is aimed at the development of organizational capabilities: Strategic Unity, Promotion of Talents and Speed of innovations.