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Maisky wins "Test purchase" contest

The program was broadcast by Channel One on the morning of October 4. The following brands were considered in the contest: Ahmad Tea, Akbar, Greenfield, Lipton, Maitre and Maisky.

After a blind taste test carried out by consumers, Maisky was chosen as one of three leaders along with Greenfield and Akbar. Then by popular vote and special expertise, our tea was declared the winner and received high marks and good reviews from program guests.

"Test purchase" ("Kontrolnaya Zakupka") is one of the most respected consumer programs and is broadcast to the entire country. It is a consumer guide to the high-quality goods and services market. Winning this contest demonstrates the high consumer rating of Maisky and will help improve the brand's image.

We are truly glad that the taste, aroma and high quality of our tea have been appreciated by independent experts and tasters recruited among consumers. Congratulations to all MAY employees on a new victory! Each of our professional achievements contribute to MAY's success. We thank all our colleagues for their excellent work and wish you further victories in the consumer market and new professional achievements.

"Test purchase" TV program featuring Maisky can be found here: