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Maisky launches updated website

Maisky tea brand (manufactured by May-Foods) has launched an updated website This website is presented in a format that is new for the tea market and which perfectly reflects the current positioning of Maisky.

The core concept of the website is to convey the main attribute of the Maisky brand - unique Russian quality -  through virtual connection of visitors with professionals in the field of tea - tea tasters.  On the site MAY tea tasters discuss their tea preferences, disclose the secrets of tea making and introduce consumers to the amazing process of creating tea blends.

"The new site fully expresses the idea of high-quality of Maisky tea.
 Quality is assured by our employees who create the product with their own hands.
 They take pride in their work, they love what they do and are happy to share their knowledge with customers," said the head of Maisky brand team Svetlana Lastovka.

The new website design embraces an important Maisky  characteristic - a large tea leaf, a sure sign of high-quality tea. Many graphics on the site are designed in the form of a tea leaf. It reminds visitors that only refined large leaves are used when creating Maisky blends.

The website is imbued with the idea of family, which is traditionally conveyed by Maisky because its quality is as unchanged as love, family and tradition. Photographs of tea drinkers in a cozy home environment are used on the website.

"The new, unique project gives visitors an opportunity to gain real experience with the Maisky brand.  We truly believe that our customers enjoy the site," says Svetlana Lastovka.

Project team:

Development of the new Maisky website was carried out by Sons&Partners with support from Replica communications holding.

Project team, May-Foods:

Marketing director - Andrew Khlebnov
Maisky brand leader —  Svetlana Lastovka
Lead tea taster — Kirill Tatarintsev
Digital irector— Ekaterina Igrunova

Project team (from the agency) 
Art director — Vladimir Shipilov 
Creative director - Aleksandr Kononov
Svyatoslav Tripolskiy
Ilya Rozovsky