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CURTIS launches website, unique for tea industry

CURTIS tea brand (manufactured by May-Foods) launched its updated website specifically for connoisseurs of high-quality tea. The new site is unique for the tea industry because it conveys the nature of CURTIS by using modern digital technologies which allow integration of full screen HD video.

Twenty-five vibrant flavors of CURTIS tea are presented on the website in the form of self-developing watercolor paintings, and each of them is identified with a specific flavor of tea.
 All paintings were created by an artist, as only true art can convey all the emotions experienced from the striking taste of CURTIS tea.

In addition to the vibrant emotional content, the site also has a practical purpose - it provides detailed information on the composition of classic, dessert and fruit blends, as well as white and green CURTIS tea. In addition, visitors can discover exactly where in their city to buy CURTIS tea and in what form of packaging (sachet, pyramids, or packed).

The new website  is available in Russian and English, supports mobile devices (including an iPad version), and is an integral part of a digital brand strategy that also includes social networking.

Development of the new website for was carried out by Sons&Partners with support from Replica communications holding.