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MAY declares war on counterfeiting

As an owner of popular brands, more and more frequently MAY is being confronted with counterfeiting of its products.  Over the last 10 months there were 16 proven cases of counterfeit goods sold in various regions in Russia:
 Moscow, Bryansk , Voronezh, Tambov , Penza oblast, Udmurt Republic, Stavropol Krai, and the republics of Mordovia and Tatarstan.

MAY considers the increasing number of counterfeits as an inevitable consequence of its products' popularity.
 To preserve the impeccable quality of its tea brands, MAY is taking active measures to counteract the production of counterfeit goods under MAY's brand name and other company trademarks.  

All instances of counterfeiting using Maisky, one of the most popular MAY trademarks, were handled jointly by the police and a special agency hired by MAY.
 Currently seven reported cases of counterfeit goods are under judicial investigation and the remaining cases are being prepared for this stage.

MAY has an extremely tough policy regarding counterfeiting of its products and unauthorized use of its trademarks: all incoming messages about such incidents are thoroughly checked and the products under consideration are removed from sale and sent for testing. Organizations found guilty of selling counterfeit products are subject to sanctions prescribed by laws of the Russian Federation.

The production of counterfeit goods and illegal use of trademarks is an offense punishable by large fines and imprisonment for up to 2 years under Article 180 of the RF Criminal Code.

All these measures are taken to protect one of MAY's top priorities - consistently high-quality products that fully comply with national and international standards.
 Ways and means of controlling counterfeiting will be improved.