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Sachet-leaf line of CURTIS brand is released in new design

Production of CURTIS's sachet-leaf line in improved packaging started in July. An attractive new design perfectly conveys the vibrant taste of the tea thanks to specially designed, original images.

A large-scale photo shoot took place to create the new CURTIS  package. Each tea composition was thoroughly developed by a food stylist and a photographer.

The new package is even more convenient to use because of the detachable window (dispenser). The special opening allows customers to see tea packets, which as research has shown, increases customer's inclination to buy. On the back of the package is a link to (QR-code) which provides plenty of additional information about other flavors from the collection.

"Customers drink CURTIS tea because it brings them pleasure and enjoyment. The new 'mouth-watering' package design shows the main characteristics of the brand in the best possible way- 'tea with a dessert taste.' We could say that now it's possible to see the taste of the product right away," says CURTIS Brand-Leader Leonid Kogay.

The new package is designed in accordance with the needs of CURTIS's target audience. This has been confirmed by consumer test results, according to which 60-70% of customers express willingness to try the newly designed tea.