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The updated Lisma brand website has been launched

On July 1st, the May-Foods company launched the website of one of its major brands, Lisma — The new website most adequately reflects the brand's motto: "Lisma, the strongest tea".

The color scheme used in the website design corresponds to the color scale used on the packages to reflect the grade of tea strength. This makes the new interface intuitive and user-friendly.

One of the creative solutions used in the updated website design represents the falling strong tea leaves, which are not only elements of decor used across all portal pages, but they also reflect the brand essence: "Lisma is the strongest tea because of the strong tea leaves."

Quality and safety management system for May Foods products was highly praised by the British Standard Institution (BSI)

From April 15th to 26th, the May-Foods company was successfully audited in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and certification scheme FSSC 22000:2010. The audit was conducted by the world-renowned British Standards Institution (BSI).

The audit resulted in a renewed confirmation of the high level of quality and safety management system for May-Foods products. The integrated nature of the audit highlights the unity of May-Foods management system.

It's noteworthy that May-Foods has become the first Russian company to receive the British Standards Institution certificate FSSC 22000:2010. The report about the audit has already been approved by BSI headquarters in London and May-Foods has received the long awaited certificates.

It should also be noted that the certification scheme FSSC 22000 is acknowledged by the GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative – which represents the major global retail chains.

The integrated audit noted: the high level of interaction between elements of the quality management system, the customer-oriented nature of May-Foods, the continuing modernization of production, and the search for original, innovative opportunities for business development. "It is expressed both in logical business processes and their aggregate orientation for customer satisfaction and market development, as well as their deep understanding by May-Foods employees," said BSI lead auditor Gennadiy Eroshnikov, commenting on his report.

May-Foods quality management representative Aleksey Nemtsev noted, "The high evaluation of our food quality and safety management system, confirmed by BSI certificates - the leader in business solutions for management systems - for us, our partners and customers is real and guaranteed confirmation that May-Foods meets global standards."

Since more than half of world retail chains recognize the FSSC 22000 scheme as a reliable and effective tool for managing food safety, obtaining this certificate opens new horizons for May-Foods in the priority world markets.