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MAY launches new Laboratory Office Building.

On April 9th the official opening of the Laboratory Office Building took place in the territory of Logistics Center “Maycomplex”. The official opening ceremony was attended by Fryazino City Executive V. Ukhalkin and Chief of the City Administration I. Sergeev, Chairman of the Board Igor Lisinenko, CFO Irina Lisinenko, Managing Director Operations Sergy Kalytyuk, Press, as well as the factory’s employees.

    LAK, the abbreviation of the Laboratory Office Building, has a phonetic similarity with English word “luck”, hence it shall bring good luck as to the employees, so to the consumers, partners and stockholders. LAK consists of three laboratories and office building, which meet the international quality standards and high workplace management requirements. New premises let improve working conditions and the quality of evaluation and production, as well as business-performance.

«Seeking to the continuous improvement, the company focus on people’s care, so as the main MAY values are consumers, employees, partners and society. The launch of new building means we are creating superior value for anyone: the highest quality product for the consumers, reliable and advantageous job for employees, environmental-friendly and law-abiding business for a society», - says the Chairmen of the Board Igor Lisinenko.

    The guests highly appreciated the work organization and operating processes, as well as the employees’ adherence to the corporate mission and values.

Following the results of the ceremony the representatives of Fryazino Administration and Igor Lisinenko have agreed on the enhancing cooperation to the town’s and business’s benefit.

MAY launches new Laboratory Office Building

MAY launches new Laboratory Office Building