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MAY tea products are entitled to be UTZ Certified

Based on the SGS audit, the production site of OJSC "MAY Company" in the Moscow region (Fryazino) was rendered compliant with the UTZ Certified requirements of tea products supply chain. SGS certificate was issued on December 23rd, 2014 under the JASANZ accreditation and is applied to export, import, blending and packaging activities of “May Company".

International UTZ Certified Code of Conduct aims at stimulating socially responsible and environmental-friendly cultivation of cocoa and coffee beans, and tea. The certification system is based on good agricultural practices (GAP), safe and healthy working conditions, prohibition of child labor and protection of the environment. The crucial element for supply chain department is recording of the products in the UTZ Certified traceability system in order to identify the origin of the goods from the certified sources. UTZ Certified logo on the tea pack indicates that at least 30% of its content has been cultivated according to the UTZ Certified Code of Conduct.

May-Foods Chief Executive Officer Sergey Konev comments: “Within more than 20 years “MAY Company" "is running business in accordance with the latest international standards and respects the requirements imposed by our customers and partners. Successful UTZ certification is one of the most important conditions for business development on current market, an indicator of high-level service and products’ quality, as well as a significant factor for cooperation with the world leaders in the industry".

Konstantin Timoshechkin, Head of Systems and Services Certification SGS Group in Eastern Europe, adds: "Cooperation of “MAY Company” with the UTZ Certified system improves the social responsibility of the organization and contributes to sustainable business development and effective integration to the global supply chain.