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Maysky congratulated the veterans of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) and thousands of the guests in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

On Victory Day the veterans in Moscow and S.-Petersburg got special gifts from MAY-Foods. At many celebration points young ladies and guys in the military uniform of 1940-ies congratulated the veterans on behalf of Maysky, wished them all the best and gifted them Assorti tea collection “Russian heroes”.

Moscow, Tverskaya Street, the delegation of Maysky took part in the Immortal Regiment march.

Майский чай - 9 мая 


Майский чай - 9 мая 

In Lyublino, Nekrasovka and Yaroslavskoye shosse Maysky arranged tea-party for all comers. Numerous guests highly praised taste and quality of the  tea, as well as the level of the promotional event. Many families tasted tea and took photo with the promotional models in the uniform.

Moscow, the disticts of Lyublino, Nekrasovka and Yaroslavskoye shosse.

 Майский чай - 9 мая