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The launch of new business-unit May-Venture and new appointment in MAY

New_VentureAfter revision of the development strategy of business-unit May-Tech the Board decided to establish in October 2015 on its base new business-unit May-Venture. Dmitry Chzhan was appointed as CEO. May-Venture core business area is a professional investment in the innovative projects.
MAY mission is to create superior value! Venture business was opened to meet the needs of current economic development as a missing link between science and business and is based on the scientific achievements, both fundamental and application-oriented. It is of great importance in terms of creating cost-effective and competitive new economy.
The development of MAY key capability, the speed of innovations, implies fast recognition and penetration on new markets, elaboration of new products and innovative services, establishment of new processes and procedures. May-Venture will invest in the start-ups to improve living conditions and satisfy social demands.
“Establishment of venture fund May-Venture is a logical stage of MAY development. We should balance the businesses of old and new economies in such a way that our corporate strategy would be more sustainable on a long-term horizon”, commented Igor Lisinenko, Chairman of the Board.
Venture business helps to create and  introduce to the market the things, which people fail to go without tomorrow. My-Venture will look for and invest in the ideas, which will make the world different. We believe that we are able to occupy a solid share on the market of venture investments”, declared Dmitry Chzhan, CEO of May-Venture.