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“We have a lot to be proud of, we have a lot to love!” A new advert of Maysky tea is to start on Russian central TV channels.

Since April 1st millions of TV viewers will face once again with the beloved waltz melody of Aram Khachaturyan from the movie “Maskarad” and will meet Pushkin. He is inspired by love, Muse and tea.

The voice of Vladimir Menshov takes an encouraging tone:

Pushkin is Russia’s love.

Tea and Muse.

He loves, He creates.

Nationwide glory, as well as nationwide love is awaiting him ahead.

It's going to be all right.

Advertising campaign turned out very dynamic, inspirational and wonderful: the image of Great Russian poet, historical plot, as well as waltz-scene and music were  appreciated by customers during the poll and encourage them to try on Maysky tea.

“Promotional video was a part of advertising campaign, launched in 2014. Since first month of the campaign the brand has been pursuing a plan and has been increasing in sales volumes in comparison with previous year. The present day the sales rose on 60% from the same period last year, that evidences of the great success for long-present at Russian market brand, - says Maysky brand-manager Svetlana Kotlyarova. – We are certain that Maysky will reach a breakthrough and succeed to attract much more consumers”.

The new TV advert will go on the air of leading Russian TV channels: Channel 1, Russia 1, NTV, TNT, STS, Domashny, Friday, Channel 5th ,  till November 2015 during 30 weeks.