Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed
Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed



MAY is a global marketing-oriented innovative Russian company with more than 20-year-old history.

While working in the Russian and international markets, we combine long-term experience and the latest business ideas.

The leading professionals of their industry work in 5 business units of MAY.

The specialists of the most innovative, modern and up-to-date professions are very close. You will have someone to learn from.

We want to have the best specialists with us.

We need your willingness to go forward, to learn and to achieve high results quickly.

MAY supports innovations.

MAY achieves success through active implementation of innovations in its products, processes, marketing and management.

MAY opens new prospects.

We are ready to afford talented employees the career opportunities in their professional activity.

We work as a team and this is the basis of our relations.

If the command spirit is close to you and you also believe that the way to success is not possible without cooperation, welcome to MAY.

Trust, mutual respect, honesty, openness and responsibility.

These are the principles on which MAY develops profitable and sustainable business and creates benefits for the consumers, employees, shareholders, partners and society.

Innovative quality of our products, processes, marketing and organisation.

MAY strives to ensure that the high level of the work quality of the entire Company creates the benefit for the consumers, employees, shareholders, partners and society.

The guarantee of stability and reliability for those who are willing to work for a good result.

For more than 20 years, MAY has been a steadily growing Company and it does not betray its corporate Mission and Values developing and strengthening business in accordance with the modern requirements of the market.

MAY respects individual peculiarities of its employees and is ready to offer optimum conditions for their work and rest.

The company has developed a system of flexible working hours for certain categories of its employees.

We care about the health of our employees.

For the majority of office employees of MAY, a system of voluntary medical insurance is available, there is an in-plant medical office, comfortable conditions for work and rest are created that take into account all the applicable norms in force.


Find below some of the most frequently asked questions about the recruitment process

Which candidate are you looking for?

We are looking for the employees who share our culture and values. With the potential and the desire to develop and achieve consistent good results.

How can I get a job?

You can download your C.V. (résumé) directly on our website in the "Vacancies" section.

Can I submit a C.V. (résumé) for several vacancies that interest me?

We encourage our candidates to consider all the positions available and, if they want, submit their C.V. (résumé) to those, which are of professional interest and provide new opportunities of development.

How can I know that my C.V. (résumé) has been received and considered?

You will receive an automatic e-mail message with thanks for your interest notifying you that your C.V. (résumé) has been received and will be considered by our HR specialists.

What vacancies are open?

The vacancies are listed on our website, there you can fill in the form and submit your C.V. (résumé) directly to the HR manager.