Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed
Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed


MAY began in 1991 as the first company to provide the Russian market with high-quality tea. In the early 1990s, the foundation was laid for MAY’s development as a group of business units operating in different segments of the economy but united by common corporate goals. In 1991, the subdivision specializing in information technologies (later becoming May-Tech) was among the first established in the Russian market. In 1992, MAY made its entry into the real estate market by registering Transprod LLC, which served as the core of the global business unit May-Realty. The construction of MAY’s corporate headquarters in Moscow is a shining example of May-Realty’s achievements in recent years. MAY’s development over the next 20 years is closely connected with the internationally trademarked Maisky brand, but our progress goes well beyond the tea industry.

In 1998, in the midst of the economic crisis most domestic manufacturers phased down their production. However, MAY expanded and opened the first tea packing factory in the history of New Russia in the town of Fryazino, near Moscow. Such a direction in development played an important social role not only in the creation of hundreds of new jobs but also the replacement of imported goods with high-quality and affordable Russian products. The factory was built quickly under the management of May-Realty and soon became the largest tea manufacturer in Europe. That same year Lisma, an inexpensive but quality tea brand, was introduced onto the market. It quickly gained popularity with Russian consumers and remains popular today.

In 2004, MAY became the first domestic enterprise to pass certification of the quality management system for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001, assessed by the leading German auditor TUV. This certification is evidence of our high-quality business process standards. Such result was possible through May-Tech’s experts who automated production using the latest information and communication technologies.

In 2007, MAY’s product portfolio grew with the CURTIS brand, which expanded MAY’s presence in the tea market. The unique idea of using dessert flavors in tea created a new and highly demanded market segment. In 2013, a wide range of classic and original CURTIS flavors was awarded “Brand of the Year/ Effie – 2012.” However, the majority of prizes during MAY’s 20+ year history were awarded to the Maisky brand. Maisky has repeatedly been nominated “The Best Product” at the international exhibition “Prodexpo” and nominated “No. 1 Brand in Russia” in the nationwide rating “People’s Choice Brand.” One of the most prestigious prizes received by MAY was “Leader of Emerging Markets,” awarded by the International Economic Forum in Davos in 2000.

Currently MAY represents a combination of different business areas, which creates a powerful, synergetic effect. The products and services of MAY’s business units are represented not only in all regions of Russia but also in global markets. Our tea brands are sold by the largest retailers in Russia and in 40 countries through a network of branches. MAY’s branch offices in the leading tea-exporting countries – Sri Lanka, India, and Kenya – allow us to achieve perfect quality tea leaves.

MAY’s workforce includes more than 2,000 employees and is constantly growing as new business areas arise. Among these areas are real estate management, marketing of oil products, information and communication technologies, and the fast growing area of e-commerce, which is represented by May-Store.
MAY’s priority is innovative development in all spheres of activity. We implement the best innovative practices by using the example set by the world’s leaders in innovation.

MAY’s quality management system and food safety management system are certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for compliance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and FSSC 22000:2010.
In 2012, MAY became the first Russian business to become a member of the ISMM – the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (United Kingdom), as well as a member of the Product Development Management Association.