Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed
Strategic uniti - Innovation - Speed

MAY family values


is the first value of MAY

The family is being created by talented people, that means high professionals, completely dedicated and effective employees, willing to meet not only current, but also future expectations of the consumers and customers. Talents promotion is one of the most important parts of MAY corporate culture.

MAY employees are full of energy, creativity and always ready to prove themselves. They appreciate joyful and unusual spirit. They are enough modest. They would never sit out when they know better solution. They think outside the box and are fond of fast and bold innovations, which surprise the consumers and customers, as well as create the mood and encourage positive changes and pioneer ideas.

Our employees are self-confident, independent and decisive. They set difficult tasks and don’t fear to implement them. Due to supportiveness and team-spirit nothing goes wrong, if someone fails, his colleagues will come to succor.

First of all we work for the consumers and want to make them happy insofar as possible, that’s why we reject bureaucratic hurdles and official style, which impede innovations and make anyone yawn. Cornerstone of our success is the team-spirit and friendly environment. Be self-confident and you easily blend into our successful team which will be glad to welcome the new talent.


is the second value of MAY

MAY appreciates main ethical principles - trust, respect, honesty, openness and responsibility. They are no less important as formal rules and laws. Any business decision we take is based on these ethical principles.

Nothing is concealed, just opposite, we are transparent and opened. MAY employees are dedicated not only to their immediate tasks, but also to the general business-goals. The best MAY talents are enough modest people who are aware of their worth without making a show of it. We accept and share the idea that any achievements are the result of mutual efforts.

High level of trust we exploit as a powerful economic resource let us achieve the most challenging targets. Moreover, we recognize that respect of each employee’s dignity without any exceptions is vital for our corporate culture. According to the diversity strategy we take into account the opinion of anyone in the team and it makes us stronger, because together we are smarter than each of us alone.

Honesty encourages us to face the truth no matter how harsh and bitter it may be, and thanks to that MAY develops so fast, because honesty is the best policy. High level of openness means high responsibility, which is so important for achievement of the ambitious business goals.


is the third value of MAY

MAY consumers and customers feel our love and care that raise their mood. Our products bring joy and happiness, the smiles and kind words of MAY employees work wonders. We exceed customer expectations by offering excellent service. Our products and brands are unique and excellent. That is why our consumers and customers always come back to us and recommend our products to their loved ones, friends and colleagues. We strive to ensure that the innovative quality of our products, processes, marketing and organisation create the benefit for the consumers, employees, shareholders, partners and society. The quality of our processes is the guarantee of the best results, which are being constantly improved by MAY employees through innovations that allow obtaining a higher quality at a lower cost and on time. We always eliminate the reasons preventing to achieve the targets of the business plan, so that they never appear again. Accumulating this experience, we create MAY knowledge management system.

MAY corporate strategy is focused on marketing and sales, so as marketing and sales mean business. All our employees, ultimately, are marketing and sales-oriented, and work for the consumers and partners of MAY. Quality of MAY as an organisation is a determining factor of our common success.

Strategic unity, strategy execution, corporate culture, organizational structure, talents promotion and speed of innovations are the key organizational capabilities, which differentiate MAY from other companies.


is a fourth value of MAY

Sustainable growth of the sales revenues and market share provides us with much more resources to satisfy our consumers, serve the market and increase market opportunities for cooperation with our business-partners. Our talents are aware that higher sales level and market share are, so more market opportunities MAY obtains and stronger our company and employees get.

Profit growth is a key indicator of the financial performance of MAY business activity. At the end of the day all the efforts of our employees aimed at profit earning to encourage investments, to expand the scale of marketing communications, as well as to facilitate the development of new products and services.

Our brands strength reflects MAY capability to meet the needs of the consumers and customers better than the competitors, and with greater profit. MAY team focuses on brands promotion in order to make them more famous, more unique and more excellent. Strong customers’ loyalty determines the leading positions of our brands in their categories, which, in turn, ensures a high level of MAY sales and profit.

We identify and anticipate the wishes of the consumers and customers to surprise them. We are bold and daring, we distinguish ourselves. MAY employees can’t afford to follow the mainstream, they must be always one step ahead.