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The RICHARD brand has launched a cross-category product, the Royal English Breakfast set, with tea and trademark orange jam

RICHARD has British roots and develops the traditions of classic English tea-drinking. The brand's goal is to introduce these traditions to consumers, to make their breakfasts royal, to gift new emotions during their usual morning rituals.

In England, a pot of black tea, a milk jug, and a jar of jam, which is commonly called marmalade, always have a central place on the breakfast table for. Especially popular is orange jam, whose recipe has been in Britain since the 18th century. Therefore, it was decided to create the perfect product for aficionados of classical English traditions.

For the product's foundation, tea, MAY tea-tasters offered a proven leaf, loved by many, the Royal English Breakfast, a blend of Ceylon, Indian, and Kenyan tea. Rich and invigorating, with a pleasant, tart taste and soft aroma, it's perfect when combined with milk.

When choosing a supplier for the jam, the team visited expositions, tasting dozens of samples of products from Russian and international companies. Eventually, a Scottish producer was chosen. They make jam from Seville oranges according to a 200+ year old recipe. Richard Royal Orange Marmalade has a soft, but uneven texture due to added pieces of orange zest. The golden-orange mass opens with a silky sweetness, and then becomes a noble bitterness. For breakfast, it's proper to server this delicious jam on toast, spread with butter.

In the Royal English Breakfast Set, the team made its first step towards developing a wider range of products.

This new product is already available for sale on all electronic platforms, as well as in retail.



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