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MAY's set of gift products went on sale in China and Japan

One of MAY's strategic goals is to increase the scale of sales of premium brands of tea and coffee on key and global markets. The export department has taken yet another significant step in this direction by presenting the company's products to the Chinese and Japanese markets!

For the first time, MAY's set of gift products have gone on sale in the OLE chain of hypermarkets in Beijing, China. This is one of the largest chains in the country that targets both foreign and local clients. A wide selection of stylish, modern consumer goods are always available in the stores. Now, the stores are decorated with our product.

And in Japan, the brand MAY can be found in Osaka, in the chain of SKP Supermarkets, and also in Namba. The teas RICHARD and CURTIS are installed at additional sales places and attract vistors' attentions with its luminance and original design.
"China and Japan are our strategic markets. In 2019 and 2020, our brands actively participated in various international expositions. Potential partners have always displayed interest in our products. And now, residents of Chian and Japan have received the opportunity not only to discover, but also to try our tea. I am sure that they will appreciate the unique and superb quality of our product and that they can help us spread the culture of tea-drinking in their countries", said MAY's director of exports, Sampat Liyanagye.



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