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The MAY team has produced and presented to the market an innovative product, the GABA Ivan-tea Mayskiy

The GABA Ivan-tea "Mayskiy" is a unique drink, containing gamma-aminobutyric acid of natural origin. Under its influence, the brain's energy processes activate, improving thinking productivity and memory, increasing respiratory tissue activity, and improving blood flow. The drink helps to manage insomnia, depression, and stress, so that a person is guaranteed peace, excellent well-being, and high functionality! The GABA Ivan-tea "Mayskiy" is also enriched with vitamin B6, which promotes normalization of metabolism and normal functioning of the nervous system.

There is no other equivalent to our GABA Ivan-tea in the world. The innovative technology behind its manufacture is protected by patents.

Work on this project started in 2017. The whole world is experiencing the influence of mega-trends, amongst which is concern for one's own health. The tea industry is an exception to this trend.

These trends have started to change what people require in their purchases. The demand for various new, vivid, unusual tastes is growing, and the habit of consuming functional drinks is developing. The popularity of using useful and natural products that provide preventative and anti-ageing effects is growing, so the consumption of herbal and functional teas is growing. We have all of the resources and expertise to properly support this trend, and we have made a bet on domestic raw materials and domestic product. A decision was taken to develop an innovative product based on Ivan-tea.

"We found that Ivan-tea has many precursors to GABA, meaning the components from which this amino acid may be synthesized. I thought, 'what if we try to make Ivan-tea with GABA, following the example of what Japanese manufacturers did, when they made a patent for Gabaron tea?'
We familiarized ourselves with their patent, studied it for a long time and saw a few unknown areas, possibilities to improve the technology, and we were able to realize them. In that same year, we even registered two patents of our own, one on the Ivan-tea product and one on the method of producing it from the Cypress leaf.

The world-famous Gabaron tea has 400 milligrams of GABA per 100 grams of tea. Our two patents provide much more. But we didn't stop there" said MAY's Director of Innovative Technologies, Aleksandr Peskin.

The team did not have their own samples at the time, so they decided to grow Ivan-tea with the help of cloning in a laboratory greenhouse. In practice, making wild plants love laboratory conditions was an even more difficult task: a soil type didn't work, and then the plants developed diseases and so on... but the negative result inspired the colleagues to search for new solutions.

This is how the "Mayskiy Ivan-tea" project was born, with the subsequent cultivation of raw materials in environmentally clean areas of Vologda Oblast and the synthesis of GABA from the Cypress leaf.

The product's first test batches were made with the help of partners. In the summer of 2019, a team for breakthrough technologies at the production site in Kotlas spent two months polishing the production technology for GABA Ivan-tea. In the end, an understanding was formed for the technology for the fundamental basics of production. And 2020 saw the release of the first production batch with super-GABA, which had more useful substances than the Japanese Gabaron, and the registration of two more patents on technology for Ivan-tea products.

As a result, the team was able to create an ingredient that has very useful and unique properties.

Our tea-testers have huge amounts of expertise and experience in the creation of tea and herbal lines. Because of this, it was decided that the new product would be released not as a sole varient, but presented as several varients, which can more vividly reveal the taste of Ivan-tea.

The release on the market including both the classic GABA Ivan-tea and GABA Ivan-teas with natural additives;
with rose petals, raspberry, and vitamin B6;
with lemongrass, zest, and vitamin B6;
with melissa, lavender, cornflower, and vitamin B6;
with ginger, pieces of lemon, mint, calendula, and vitamin B6;
with pieces of apple, rosehip, and vitamin B6;
with chamomile, mallow, and vitamin B6.

Despite the abundance of useful properties, the drink is not a medicine and it has no contraindications. It's recommend for anyone who takes care of their own health and values rich, intense flavor with a soft, herbal aftertaste. The team is sure that consumers will highly appreciate this product.

The relevancy of GABA lies at the intersection of several consumer trends: of naturalness and healthy nutrition, of product authenticity, of understanding of their origin, and of their theraputic and preventative functions. In future work of this trend, many more discoveries are awaiting us, which will undoubtedly benefit people.



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