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COFFESSO is represented in M.Video

The most important goal of MAY's strategy is to distribute premium brands in key and global markets. The coffee team is constantly looking for new sales channels to increase the supply volume through a network of partners.

M.Video is one of the largest electronics and home appliances retailers in Russia in terms of sales volume. Offline and online stores, in particular, offer a wide range of coffee-making equipment. The COFFESSO range has various coffee formats that are suitable for both machine brewing and manual brewing. MAY's team suggested that the chain's management present the brand's products on an online platform to make it easier for consumers to choose and enable them to make a "one-stop shopping" experience.

When choosing suppliers, M.Video is guided by the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation, which allows offering customers high-quality goods at an attractive price. Representatives of the retailer highly appreciated COFFESSO brand products and various represented coffee formats - coffee in beans, ground, drip packages, and capsules. On May 18, names of our coffee appeared in the chain's outlets.

Cooperation with appliance stores is a new experience for the brand, which will give impetus to the development of cooperation with other Russian chains. The online showcase will demonstrate all the benefits of the brand and make the purchase quick and convenient.



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