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The head of Fryazino appreciated the contribution of MAY to the development of the region

As a modern, international and innovative company, MAY actively implements the principles of sustainable development in all its activities. One of our top priorities is to support and develop the regions where we operate.

The company cooperates with Shchelkovsky College, State Innovation Professional Education Institution of the Moscow Region and provides jobs for graduates, supports non-profit organizations such as Caring Family, Big Family of Science City, society of disabled people of Fryazino, War Children, takes part in the Active Longevity project, uniting people behind common hobbies, stimulates sports activities.

To make the socially-oriented work regular and contribute to the economic development of the region, a meeting between the head of the urban district and representatives of the company was organized in the administration of Fryazino. Within the meeting framework, the parties discussed possibilities of further development of cooperation and friendly collaboration.

According to Dmitry Vorobyov, Head of Fryazino, socially responsible companies, such as MAY, contribute to the prosperity of the city. He noted the initiatives that the team is leading in education, health, and the environment. As part of the discussion on current and upcoming events, Dmitry Richardovich noted several projects that can be implemented with MAY's participation.

Thus, given the successful cooperation with Iryna Slutskaya Voluntary Sports Union, MAY was invited to organize events together with the Olympus sports school. The support of sports within the company and the experience of MAY's corporate volleyball team can inspire young athletes for new, bigger victories. In addition, in June, the MAY team was invited as a participant in a friendly football match with a team of veterans of sports of the science city.

Another key area for Fryazino is caring for the environment and preserving the region's biodiversity. The World Health Organization (WHO) and numerous studies emphasize the positive effects of green spaces on mood, mental and physical health. Green urban spaces such as parks, squares, and playgrounds are places for sports and recreation. The municipality actively carries out landscaping activities and preservation of historic parks and alleys. MAY Company was invited to support the well-intentioned initiative and participate in tree planting in the Victory Forest park dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War.

One of the main events for locals is city day. MAY always takes part in the celebration and organizes a festive procession and tastings for the whole population. This year, which is an anniversary for both MAY and Fryazino, which celebrates 70 years since its foundation, several major events for residents and visitors are also planned at the main venues.

The participants of the meeting agreed to share positive experiences in sustainable development and jointly implement initiatives aimed at the city's prosperity.



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