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RICHARD presented a new fruit and herbal line to the market

MAY company (RICHARD, CURTIS, Maysky, Lisma, and COFFESSO brands) follows the path of sustainable development and monitors global trends in the field of ecology, health, education, etc. along with other global companies. In recent years the demand for natural, healthy, and functional products has been growing among the population. Following consumer demands and trends in food production, the MAY team offers the market beverages in relevant categories.

RICHARD brand has launched a new fruit and herbal line - it includes 14 flavors in 25-sachet packs, including flavored black and green tea from the world's best plantations, rooibos, and pure herbal drinks. All bouquets of the collection are created in the traditional English style, and each has its own special character. A combination of different teas, fragrant herbs, and spices helps each blend sparkle with all the facets of the royal flavor.

Previously, RICHARD increased sales volumes mainly through the classic line. Following the latest trends in the food market, the team decided to expand the aroma and herbal segment range. Distributors worldwide are very much looking forward to this range, especially in countries where there is high demand for herbal beverages. Pay attention to the names - tea with juicy peaches, spicy thyme, and fresh mint, harmonious black tea with natural leaves of aromatic black currant and refreshing mint, ripe pear, baked in caramel, rich, soft infusion of chamomile with delicate floral fragrance, elegant bouquet of seven Alpine herbs and flowers, created to inspire and restore inner harmony. The composition of the new collection is tailored to the tastes of the international market.

The new items will be primarily available at RICHARD brand stores and other online retailers worldwide. In Russia, the line will be available at major marketplaces.



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