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The Embassy of Kenya has been acquainted with the new products of MAY

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Moscow is a long-standing partner of MAY. The most important events involving the agency were held with the support of our brands (the celebration of the presentation of credentials, Kenya Independence Day). Government officials and Ambassador Benson Ogutu personally are particularly interested in our products made from Kenyan raw materials. The partners are interested in spreading the culture of tea and coffee consumption in Russia and other countries. Therefore, the MAY team tries to maintain this interest and introduce new products in a timely manner.

Early August saw the announcement of 18 COFFESSO capsule SKUs, among them the Kenya Speciality Blend by coffee maestro, COFFESSO Ambassador Giacomo Vanelli. The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya was among the first to learn about the new product, as well as received a gift RICHARD Royal Kenya tea, which is already familiar to all employees. The MAY team talked about the flavors of the products and conducted a mini-tasting. The Embassy staff highly appreciated the taste and quality of coffee and confirmed their intention to continue introducing MAY's beverages to partners and guests of future events.



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