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The Maysky brand presented "organic willow-herb tea" at the All-Russian Field Day

The latest achievements of the country's agriculture - advanced cultivation technology, the latest agricultural equipment and machinery, breeding scientists, and products from domestic crops were presented there. For several years MAY has been running a project on growing and cultivating the narrow-leaved willow leaf, which is used to make the famous beverage, willow-herb tea. Years of research on the crop have resulted in 4 patents for producing a beverage made from the willow leaf.

MAYSKY willow-tea is known to the market in different variations - with fruit and berry additives, herbs, as part of the GABA willow-herb tea, and the first Russian organic willow-herb tea, which was presented at the exhibition to a wide audience.

In the last few years, trends towards healthy lifestyles, natural food, and conscious consumption have been gaining momentum in Russia. These trends are beginning to change people's food and beverage needs: growing demand for organic and functional products. At the same time, consumers need to eat right and care about nature, which encourages manufacturers to produce goods in recyclable packaging. To meet the current needs of consumers, retailers are ready to support "green" trends and offer special shelves for placing products labeled "Organic" and "Eco".
MAY became the first and currently the only Russian company producing certified organic willow-tea under the brand name MAYSKY.



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