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MAY company shared its plans on exports

MAY, one of the largest Russian producers of tea and coffee, exports more than 1 thousand tons of products per year. During the last three years, the company's export volume grew by 35-40% annually, both in monetary and physical terms. Thus, in 2020 the company shipped abroad 1.1 thousand tons of products worth 950 million rubles. In the first half of 2021, despite the epidemiological restrictions and lack of opportunities to conduct exhibition activities, exports have already increased by 42%.

The company supplies products to more than 60 countries worldwide. RICHARD, CURTIS, Maysky, Coffesso brands are known and recognizable in such developed markets as USA, China, Canada, Japan, Middle East countries, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Israel, and others.

The company management aims to increase the total sales up to 1.45 thousand tons (about 1.35 billion rubles) by the end of the year. We intend to expand our geographic footprint and increase sales in the e-com channel, as well as open 33 of our own online stores around the world. In particular, online stores are organized in conjunction with logistics operators. There are already 15 of them, and their geographical reach is constantly expanding, reaching global proportions. At the same time, the product line is adapted for each of the focus markets," Sampat Liyanage, head of Mai's export division, told Agroexport.

MAY consistently develops the culture of tea and coffee consumption in Russia and abroad. Thanks to its accumulated expertise in implementing innovative projects, the company has learned to set its own trends in the food market in the beverage category, including the active development of products made from Russian raw materials. Moreover, in 2020 MAY became the first company to receive a certificate for products of organic origin (Maysky willow-herb tea).

Today, the company has a team of tea testers of the highest caliber who select blends according to the target audience's preferences in their respective countries. "For example, for those who prefer the English tea tradition, there is a mix of Ceylon, Indian and Kenyan leaf that pairs beautifully with milk. Cardamom tea and masala tea are specially developed for the Middle East. And as a result of extensive research work in China, the company's experts gained a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of local consumers' traditions and behavior patterns. Shortly, it will allow creating and releasing several new products that will definitely be in demand in the market of China", - said Sampat Liyanage.

Export is one of the main points in the company's strategy until 2025, so we are significantly increasing investment in this area and strengthening the team with experience in export sales and promotion. As a consequence, the customer base in foreign markets is constantly growing.

According to Nielsen agency, MAY is one of the top 2 Russian tea producers in terms of sales volume in monetary and physical terms. The production center is located in Fryazin, near Moscow, the products are manufactured on automated lines, and ICO certificates confirm their quality. The company's international production sites are also located in Italy, and Sri Lanka.



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