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The MAY team spoke about digital services at a forum devoted to exporting products online

An open conference «Export of Russian AIC products via electronic sales channels: a success strategy» was held in Moscow. MAY has a wide experience in exporting our brands to more than 60 countries and developing innovative services for online distribution. The team is ready to share their expertise with the partners, so she acted as speaker at the event. 

The best Russian and foreign experts told about the most promising categories of Russian goods demanded on world market places, requirements to the suppliers of products and successful sales strategies on electronic platforms. The head of the export department of MAY Sampat Liyanage presented services based on MAY24, which will help numerous partners to ensure effective merchandising in foreign networks, guarantee the growth of an active client base and connect to international marketplaces.

"I explained what services we offer through the platform and how we help Russian companies to sell their goods in the Russian Federation and abroad. Many people took a keen interest in these services and expressed their willingness to cooperate with us», noted Sampat. 

The event was organized by the Federal Center "Agroexport" in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia with the participation of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).



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