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MAY and Shchelkovsky College are expanding cooperation

MAY has been cooperating with Shchelkovsky College, which is a bunch of 8 divisions in the northeast of the Moscow region, since 2016. Graduates of the educational institution working at the Maykompleks actively show their talents, enter the personnel reserve, achieve target positions and increase production efficiency. This year the partners are expanding their areas of cooperation in order to achieve sustainable and large-scale growth of the company and the entire region.

The first excursion for 3-4 year students of technical specialties who plan to undergo dual training in the company took place at the Maykompleks. The guests were met by HR business partner of the supply chain Valeriya Andronenkova, she detailed to the guys about the qualification levels at the plant, the system of training in MAY Academy, development of the personnel reserve. Then the head of the packaged workshops Valentina Poklonova and the master Elena Tikhonova conducted a detailed excursion on Maykompleks, focusing on what exactly is the work of the operator, the fixer, as well as on the specifics of work on IMA equipment, Perfecta and TPB.

After the tour, the students underwent a mechanical test. The best will be selected for the next stage of the competition to enter to the Maykompleks dual learning program.

Excursions and selection of students will take place on a weekly basis. As a result, the most motivated and technically trained graduates will be selected for Maykompleks, who will help the company to create products of excellent quality.

Dual education involves the combination of theoretical and practical training, in which the student must master the basics of professional activity in an educational institution, and the practical part of the training takes place directly at the workplace.
Germany is considered the founder of the dual education system. The German vocational education system is distinguished by a well-developed mentoring institution, practice-oriented training and active participation of business in personnel training. Dual education in Germany has been introduced into a strict legislative framework through chambers of commerce, industry and crafts.

The dual system of study links industry and the college and aims to provide qualified personnel with not only a theoretical diploma in a particular field of study, but also a ready-made professional competence.



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