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MAY company and Fryazino science city congratulated each other on the anniversary

The year 2021 is rich on the anniversary: The company MAY celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation in May, and in September the city of Fryazino celebrated the 70th year. The history of the science institute is inextricably linked to the development of our company, because it is here that one of the largest producers of tea and coffee in Russia Maykompleks is located. For a long time, the MAY Team and the Fryazino administration have been united by common goals - to raise the level of education, reduce unemployment, and improve the social sphere. We provide jobs for graduates of technical schools, maintain a high level of vaccination in the workplace, and generally ensure safe working conditions, creating useful and natural products for the population. Thanks to our joint work, the scientist Fryazino can maintain the status of a promising, innovative and healthy city with many other directions for development.

On the 4th of September, the day of the city, the Fryazino administration and the company MAY have prepared many surprises for citizens and visitors of the science hall. Despite the rainy weather, residents of Fryazin took an active part in all the events, treated themselves to hot drinks of the MAY brands and received gifts from the birthday people.
The morning began with a festive football tournament for the Cup of JSC Gazpromneft MZSM. The MAY team, consisting of employees of the central office and colleagues from the Maycomplex, entered the field. The athletes had to fight with the team of the Fryazino administration, and then with other combined teams of the city's enterprises. In addition, the most gamblers were awaited by an obstacle course, the winners of which received gifts from MAY.

At the same time, our brands launched hot drinks tasting, attracting guests with their aroma and warming fans. The MAY samovars did not run out of line. Local officials, bikers, invited artists, and the MAY employees themselves were in a hurry to get to know our brands. More than 2,000 cups of tea were drunk a day in the city.

A photo zone was located next to the tasting tables, and everyone could feel like a tea picker. And the most active social media users received gifts from MAY for holiday hashtags.
The solemn events on the stage were opened by the mayor of the city Dmitry Vorobyov. In his welcoming speech, he mentioned the merits of companies that played a huge role in the development of the science city. And first of all, the head congratulated MAY on its 30th anniversary and noted the huge contribution to the socio-economic development of the city district. He expressed the hope that working together in the fields of modern technology, production and education initiatives would lead to high results and ensure the sustainable development of the city.

In addition, Dmitry Richardovich presented certificates of gratitude and gifts from MAY to veterans of labor and citizens who have special services to the city.
Fryazino’s Day was a moment of social cohesion, business and power. The successes of MAY invariably affect the socio-economic situation in the science city and help the administration to implement new projects that change the lives of citizens for the better. The region still has many urgent tasks, in the solution of which MAY will take an active part.



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