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Maykompleks took part in the action “Our forest. Plant your tree"

Concern for the environment is not just empty words for MAY. Supporting the principles of sustainable development, the company has already made several notable steps in the field of production of ecological products, the use of biodegradable packaging, and reducing the pressure on water resources. Last weekend in the Moscow region the action “Our forest. Plant your tree”, which united all residents for the sake of a good cause - the restoration of the wealth of their native land. MAY employees also took part in the event and planted rowan trees on Prospekt Mira in Fryazino.

The All-Russian Planting Day is a massive Action for planting trees in the forests and on the lands of settlements with the participation of the public and all segments of the population. The history of the Action dates back to 2011, when, on the initiative of the Russian Geographical Society, the participation of the general population in the restoration of forests that died as a result of forest fires in 2010 was organized. In the Moscow Region, a massive Tree Planting Campaign is traditionally held twice a year: in the spring - "Victory Forest" and in the fall - "Our Forest. Plant your tree”.

“First of all, we think and care about the ecology, beauty and the future generation of our city. This action helps to unite more and more people who are not indifferent to their city and nature in general. After all, every tree planted by us changes the world for the better ”, - said a participant of the action, the head of the workshop Alexey Zemskov.

The purpose of the event is to improve the ecological well-being of the Moscow region, to raise public awareness of nature, forest and green plantations, and to draw public attention to the problems of forest protection and reproduction.



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