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MAY and Shchelkovsky College will prepare for the WorldSkills blue-collar championship

One of MAY’s priorities is talent development. The company pays special attention to the selection of candidates and their inspiration, because the contribution of each employee helps the team to achieve sustainable and large-scale business growth. Shchelkovsky College shares our values and has been a reliable partner of Maykompleks for five years: undergraduate students undergo practical training at the plant, and upon completion they stay and build their careers.

To discuss further cooperation, Maykompleks was visited by the director of State Budget Professional Educational Institution MR "Shchelkovsky College", Honored Education Worker of Moscow Region Flora Bubich, as well as Deputy Director of Employment and Practice of Students Mikhail Vorontsov.

HR business partner of the supply chain Valeria Andronenkova, spoke about how training takes place at the MAY Academy. She explained that employees are required to undergo not only training in technological equipment, but also the basics of lean manufacturing, autonomous maintenance, quick changeover, food safety, quality, and safe working conditions.

Zakharov Vitaliy, the head of the department of economical production and efficiency, demonstrated how the system of economical production on Maykompleks is realized, what its goals and tasks are, what efficiency of production has been achieved.

The guests were impressed by the development of the Lean Manufacturing system at the Maykompleks, an innovative approach, digitalization of training, engaged and inspired employees, and the results of the work of autonomous teams. As a result of the meeting, it was decided not only to develop a dual learning system, but also to promote the development of Lean manufacturing competence at the regional level.

In 2021, the Lean Manufacturing competency was introduced for the first time in the WorldSkills Championship for blue-collar occupations.

MAY, as a company that develops this competence at an advanced level, together with the college will prepare for the WorldSkills blue-collar championship at the regional level in order to enter the federal one!  

Also at the meeting, a plan was discussed to include in the list of specialties and professions of Shchelkovo College the specialty of servicing tea equipment for the Maykompleks.



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