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Guests of the Sochi Park Hotel in Adler enjoy the products of MAY

In October, the MAY team shipped black and green tea "MAYSKY" to one of the largest hotels in the Sochi Park Hotel Adler district .

Sochi Park Hotel is a comfortable 3-star hotel with 2,880 rooms. The hotel is designed in the form of 12 modern residential buildings of variable number of storeys. The total area of the hotel's site, which includes a large number of walking alleys and a shopping and entertainment area, is more than 24 hectares. The Olympic Park and the Formula 1 track are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

The hotel is open all year round and almost always has 100% occupancy even in the off-season. Now all current and future guests will enjoy excellent tea "MAY". Having appreciated its taste, aroma and quality on vacation, tourists will forever give their preference to this particular brand and will strive to consume its drinks in everyday life.



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