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The Siberian branch of MAY, together with the Maria Ra network, congratulated the winners of the joint action

The Siberian branch of the MAY company, together with the popular Maria Ra network, congratulated 95 lucky people who became winners of the RICHARD and CURTIS campaign. Your winning combination."

The event was held from August 30 to September 26. To participate, you had to buy any products of these brands, register a receipt at the checkout and wait for your victory. And there was something to fight for! The prize fund included three cash certificates in the amount of 500,000 rubles, 20 smartphones, 32 pairs of wireless headphones and certificates for purchases in the Maria Ra chain of stores. The winners were 95 people – the most active buyers and fans of MAY brands. Three main prizes, cash certificates, were awarded to the lucky ones in a solemn atmosphere. The winners shared that from now on they will drink only RICHARD and CURTIS brand tea, and plan to spend the winnings on travel, a car and gifts to loved ones.

Maria Ra stores are located in several regions of Western Siberia, which include the Altai Territory, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk regions - more than 1,170 outlets in total. During the period of the campaign, more than 200,000 checks were registered, and the coverage in general amounted to several million people. This result was the result of properly structured communication with the consumer: information support for the promo was provided on radio, TV and, of course, in the network itself.

Thanks to the campaign, MAY was able not only to demonstrate concern for consumers, but also fulfilled the most important strategic task of distributing key brands.
Inspired by the success, the team plans to continue the tradition of holding such promotions and surprise consumers with new profitable offers.



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