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The company MAY held an internal Worldskills championship on the competence of "lean manufacturing"

MAY's employees are experts in the development of lean manufacturing and are ready to share their experience with the younger generation of specialists and partners from related fields. On October 14, the MAY company held the Worldskills internal championship on the competence of "lean manufacturing" at Shchelkovsky College in order to identify the most inspired, talented and capable students who will then go to the regional level competition.

For the championship, the team carried out a lot of preparatory work: the study of the Worldskills methodology, the formation of competitive tasks and, most importantly, the preparation of students who studied from scratch what lean manufacturing is, communicated with the employees of the Mining Complex and adopted their experience. 

As part of the tasks of the competition, students analyzed the assembly process, identified types of losses, calculated the pace of production, filled out a standardized work map. Based on the results of the work, 4 winners of the competition, who will participate in the regional stage in November, were determined.

The second important goal has also been fulfilled in preparation for the All-Russian competition. Vitaly Zakharov and Sergey Isakov have been trained and certified as WorldSkills experts, which will give MAY the opportunity to hold corporate and industry championships in the competence of "lean manufacturing" and act as expert judges at the regional championship.

At the next championship of the Moscow region, Sergey and Vitaly will participate as expert judges in the competence of "lean manufacturing".



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