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The MAY team summed up the results of participation in the international exhibition Anuga 2021

Anuga is the world's leading biennial food trade fair and attracts over 150,000 professionals from the trade and manufacturing sectors, guaranteeing the highest level of business opportunity. The duration of the exhibition and the readiness of the MAY team to reveal all the advantages of cooperation with the company allowed us to establish many promising contacts.

We'll remind you that, MAY has prepared bright stands RICHARD and COFFESSO for the event. They were constantly approached by other participants, despite all the antique restrictions. Numerous guests from different countries were interested in the history and possibilities of premium brands and discussed the terms of cooperation.

In total, about 100 exhibitors and several thousand guests from Germany, Latvia, South Africa, Palestine, Egypt, India, Israel, Georgia, France, Pakistan, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Iraq were able to get acquainted with the MAY team and its premium brands. , Iran, Slovenia, Bahrain, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Algeria, Greece, Romania, Peru, Sweden, Jordan, Morocco, Poland, Congo.

And our employees will show their full communication talent and knowledge of their favorite brands, so that every contact they receive will turn into a full-fledged partnership.



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