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COFFESSO and RBC launched a joint project dedicated to coffee

One of the missions of COFFESSO is to popularize knowledge about coffee. This challenge intersects with the overriding goal of MAY's premium brand distribution strategy. The team strives to ensure that every consumer has the opportunity to become a true expert in coffee enjoyment, discovering the ability to make the “right” cup of coffee.  Now the RBC holding has joined this mission.

COFFESSO has launched a joint project with RBC TV channel, in which the brand reveals the secrets of coffee art. Ambassador Giacomo Vanneli is the guide to the world of coffee delights.

This is a project for coffee lovers - for those who are ready to immerse themselves in the culture of coffee art and learn how to create coffee masterpieces. A page has been created for the project, which contains several information blocks - a guide to coffee culture, the secrets of perfect coffee, a test to determine the level of knowledge in coffee and coffee craftmanship. Longread dives into the intricacies of creating a fragrant blend from the very first lines, and you can learn the details of making the perfect cup personally from the three-time Italian champion among barista Giacomo.

In addition to the educational component, COFFESSO has prepared an entertainment part, within which it will compete for 120 coffee sets and 9 coffee machines!

The duration of the project is 12/19/2021.  

This is a complex and multi-part work, in which the COFFESSO brand team, MAY cup testers, RBK specialists and, of course, COFFESSO Ambassador Giacomo Vanneli took part. In particular, all video footage was filmed in his laboratory in Cortona, Italy.

According to the RBK team, this is the first time that a project dedicated to coffee is being launched on the channel. It is noteworthy that Giacomo seems to be as if communicating with you personally and it is to you that he tells about his secrets of making coffee for true pleasure.  

The project will be covered both on the RBK TV channel and on the RBK Style Instagram community, as well as on the COFFESSO digital channels.  

We invite you to visit the project website and touch the coffee culture!

Watch the broadcast of the RBC TV channel in the company with a cup of COFFESSO!



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