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The MAY team has released special products for "Black Friday"

Black Friday is a significant event in the e-comm space, for which suppliers and manufacturers are carefully preparing. Sales results on this day often allow you to distribute roles in the market and identify leaders. MAY has always taken part in the celebration for consumers, presenting regular and gift products at especially attractive prices. And this year, the team modernized the format of participation and released an exclusive collection of products specifically for "Black Friday".

November 11, Friday, 6 SKU brands RICHARD and COFFESSO will be ready to capture the attention of millions of consumers thanks to their striking design and noble execution.

RICHARD Royal Tea will present the new Exclusive Collection Flavored Teas & Herbal Infusions, 120 sachets, including flavors available only for e-comm and export markets, including rose petals, grape aroma, echinacea, and a special herbal mix “Royal Alpine Herbs”of 7 alpine herbs. The assorted format is a growing segment in the market and is especially in demand in the e-comm channel, since in a standard convenience store, the size of the shelves does not always allow for placing products in a special design.

The COFFESSO brand has also prepared for the World Shopping Day and will present consumers with new products to choose from: 3 assorted collections (80 capsules) and 2 types of sets with an increased number of capsules (40 instead of 20 standard) - for the most loyal connoisseurs of excellent Italian coffee.

Special collections of brands were prepared by the team as soon as possible and will be presented in Russia and abroad at the most popular marketplaces, as well as in brand stores. Participating in a Special Product "Black Friday" will help you get quick feedback from consumers, increase your bottom line, and fulfill your critical strategic goal of distributing premium brands in key global markets.



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