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RICHARD invites you to enjoy the atmosphere of England in a popular hotel in Japan

The RICHARD brand captivates tea lovers all over the world with royal sophistication and at the same time a commitment to the classics. The variety of blends has become the basis for many projects in which consumers are introduced to the traditions of tea drinking in different countries.


SHINJUKU PRINCE HOTEL (Japan), in cooperation with the RICHARD brand, has opened a series of royal style tea parties. Today, amid a pandemic, when many countries are closed, the hotel's FUGA restaurant creates a warm atmosphere for English holidays. During the events, from 11/01/2021 to 12/26/2021, guests can enjoy the brand's magnificent blends, accompanied by an exquisite festive set.


Afternoon Tea's special menu includes tea and cakes, which include tea leaves from the RICHARD brand, fragrant pudding and scones (traditional British bread) with a tea blend of RICHARD Royal Love (with bergamot and vanilla aromas) - one of the most popular blends in the brand's collection, as well as muffins with Royal Ceylon tea which has a distinctive rich tea taste. The afternoon set also serves traditional English sweets and snacks such as Trifles, Apple crumbles, Cottage pies, Sunday roast, and more.


Our Japanese partners are one of the few ones who have been creative in organizing tea parties and used blends not only for brewing, but also as ingredients for dishes.

The cocktail menu contains of 2 drinks in different styles:


- An elegant cocktail RICHARD LADY, for the creation of which RICHARD Royal Ceylon tea and lavender were used - a cocktail reminiscent of the image of a lady in an English garden;

- Refreshing cocktail RICHARD FLOWER GARDEN, created using RICHARD Royal Cardamon tea and London Dry Gin.

In total, 19 types of RICHARD tea are used to create tea drinks and cocktails.

Tea drinking with RICHARD immerses you in the atmosphere of the royal court and gives you a festive mood.



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