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"MAISKY" revealed the secret of "Brain Activity" live on OZON-live

OZON-live for the first time hosted a live stream with MAISKY brand leader Yekaterina Fonova and NPD project manager Andrey Dubynin participating.

Streaming is a great way to increase product knowledge and interact directly with your audience. During the stream, Ekaterina and Andrey lifted the veil of secrecy over our innovative product "MAISKY" GABA Ivan-tea - they talked about its beneficial properties and taste, showed beautiful blends in dry and brewed form, answered the audience's questions. 

The purpose of the stream was to increase the audience's interest in GABA Ivan-tea; during the live broadcast, viewers were offered to purchase a product at a discount. 

“MAISKY was the first brand of the company to use this newest tool, and it worked perfectly,” notes Ekaterina Fonova. “We are planning to support another new line of MAISKY - herbal teas - with a stream”. 

You can watch a stream record about GABA Ivan-tea at



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