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Buy gifts from RICHARD without leaving the couch!

Want to buy RICHARD gift assortment without getting up from the couch and without going online? It is now possible. Today on the LeoMax24 channel (the famous store-on-the-couch) the first test broadcast with the participation of the brand took place. In just 15 minutes, viewers bought up all the Royal Tigers!


The MAY gift assortment has been holding the leading position in the Russian market for several years in a row. New Year's offers from brands always resonate with consumers. RICHARD cans with images of the symbols of the year in royal attire are especially popular with tea lovers. The MAY team is constantly improving its sales tools in order to effectively convey the value of the brand to the consumer, so this time they used the “hot selling” method on the air of one of the most popular TV channels.


Three versions of the 2022 symbols from RICHARD were presented on the air, for a start, 500 pieces each. No one was left indifferent by the majestic Tiger King, his gentle beloved White Tigress and adorable mischievous tiger cubs. The excellent Ceylon Royal Tiger Tea was sold out in less than 15 minutes.

In the future, the MAY team plans to expand the terms of cooperation with LeoMax24. Thus, we are planning broadcasts with the participation of the CURTIS vitamin line, the "Maisky" herbal collection and "GABA Ivan-tea", COFFESSO. In addition, the programs will become more interesting, as the presenters will invite MAY teatesters and cuptesters to personally talk about the variety of tastes and quality of our brands of tea and coffee.



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