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MAISKY continues to break live sales records on OZON-live!

The second stream in support of the herbal line of the MAISKY brand took place on OZON-live.

Let us remind you that the first stream dedicated to GABA Ivan-tea demonstrated excellent results - sales during the broadcast increased 12 times compared to regular ones.

Yesterday, brand leader Yekaterina Fonova and teatester Andrey Skidan told consumers about MAISKY functional herbal teas - consumer interest exceeded our wildest expectations, more than 2,400 people joined the stream!

“The audience took an active part in the process - they wrote comments, asked questions about the blends and their composition, - which certainly confirms their interest in tizanes,” notes Ekaterina Fonova. - The stream allowed us to support the entire line during the period of reduced demand after Black Friday - sales on the air day increased 13 times! We are not going to stop at the achieved results ”.

You can watch a stream about herbal teas in the recording at the link



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