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May congratulating the winners of the international Physics Olympiad

The 50th International Physics Olympiad for high school students is over. Russian high school students were awarded four gold medals and one silver medal. The gold-medal winners were Alexey Shishkin, Grigory Bobkov, Vladimir Malinovsky and Andrey Parfenov representing Moscow schools; the silver-medal winner was Elisey Sudakov representing a multi-field lyceum based in the Vologda region.

MAY-Venture supports talents and presented colourful T-shirts with the company logo designed for the Russian participants. The high school students said that, wearing such T-shirts, they felt the team spirit and confidence in victory.

“Our company invests in promising ideas and we perfectly understand that every new business begins with a small step. Becoming the Olympiad winners, the boys made an important step towards professional success. These days, the young generation is setting standards of development of science, digitization and innovative technology and it is very important to support them in time. I highly appreciate the victory and feel certain about the successful future of our high school students”, said Dmitry Chzhan, Executive Director of MAY-Venture.

384 high school students from 78 countries participated in the Olympiad. The Russian winners received prize money and an opportunity to enter any Russian higher education establishment without exams – all of them elected the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).



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